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Subject: Luv luv
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carrista 21.05.11 - 07:27pm
Any serious guy out hea 4a serious r/ship? *

kese 13.10.11 - 04:23pm
i.m ready 4 u gal. i.m very serious i want 2 b in luv *

brocoli 13.01.12 - 05:10pm
Hey carrista,am open to getting to know u better n see what happens,inbox me *

jrcdoodi 28.03.12 - 03:50pm
I am really ready for hook up with u and like to screw ur c**t with my.......? R u ready? *

guddu8 17.07.12 - 07:13pm
Only female *

jamie91 17.07.12 - 08:23pm
If u ar lookin for a guy am available *

smith721 31.07.12 - 06:38pm
LOVE can be there if you get a serious guy or gal but you get hear broken when you come to a guy or gal who is not yet to have partner. What i know if you get someone you LOVE for real, you grow up in minds and even gentalman can trust you by giving you serious jobs and trust in what your going to do for them. For me if i come across serious gal form ASIA or EUROPE, 23yr/ 32yrs weight 45kgs/ 55kgs with white or brown hair, because that's my dream lady but must be trustful kind and respect her self contact me via tamasithe AT ya hoo. co m i will be waiting for you. *

mburugu 2.11.12 - 08:29pm
My tag is here too *

stud143 9.11.12 - 07:49pm
Anyone luking fr me..??? *

mburugu 10.11.12 - 07:07pm
Holla here he is n all ua problems will b solved. *

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